Hide a category on project page

I want to hide the 'Featured Front Page" category

Just on that project page or on all projects?

I’d like to hide it on all pages since it’s only use it to filter a few select projects to the front page.

You can add this in Customize > Additional CSS:

.single-dslc_projects .dslc-tp-meta a[href*="featured-front-page"] { display: none; }
.single-dslc_projects .dslc-tp-meta li { color: transparent !important; }

Second line of code will hide the commas between categories, otherwise you’ll have two commas next to each other.

Hm, doesn’t seem to have done anything.

Search for this in your custom CSS: .widget .bra_recent_entries a. Your closing } is missing so every piece of code that follows doesn’t work, including the one I gave you.