I’m seriously annoyed.

1: I have spent hours playing around with Sydney. It looks good, but it does occasionally have random errors (resetting padding etc…) Finally though I think I managed to understand what I wanted and how to lay it out.

So I bought the pro version. However, I now have the most annoying white bar at the top of my screen that just says no locations.

This is for both the original pro and child theme I have created. I have no issue with the free version or child version.

I have spent literally 2 hours now and I can’t find any help, solutions or other people with same issue.

Thanks for your immediate attention!

Note - The bar disappears when scrolling down…

OK So, after a last ditch attempt of deactivating and reactivating all plugins - I found the issue was caused by a customise menu plugin! I think it might be solved! So I guess thanks… :slight_smile:

I was just about to say that the issue probably comes from a plugin.
There is no padding resetting - perhaps you can share a link and I’ll have a look.

Hi Vlad, it seems to indeed be solved - I think due to an issue with a reset of the menus due to changing theme. I’m currently working locally so haven’t got anything to show.

Thanks for a quick answer!

1 small question, since adding the theme my WP admin is running significantly slower especially the media items. I can actually no longer access the media library through the theme customisation options. Has this been flagged by other users or do you have any suggestions?

Cheers in advance!

Has this been flagged by other users
I can actually no longer access the media library through the theme customisation options
What exactly do you mean? If there's something preventing you from going to the Media Library, then again it's a plugin issue.

The theme doesn’t add anything to your admin area, no scripts, no nothing. So it can’t make it slower. Only thing that it adds in the backend are the options from the Customizer.

An example was when trying to upload favicon - clicked on change image and it went to media library but it was stuck every time in just loading.

However, just tried it again now and it’s back. Assuming I had some silly glitch with one of the plugins and now I’ve freshly reloaded everything it seems to be back on track! Happy to spend the money on this beautiful theme and thanks for your help. Happy that this is resolved!

Great, happy to hear that :slight_smile: