I want the CALL TO ACTION BUTTON to work as a scroll down. How do I do it?
And when i click on pages I dont want the frontpage piccture to be shown but go directly to the page.
And how do I add social icons?

And how can I add several languages to translate the site…

  • you need to use the ID of the row you want to target as the URL for that call to action. You can get it by using Chrome Dev tools or similar. If you don’t know how post a link;
  • see Customize > Header area and select nothing for the secondary pages;
  • how do you add social icons where?
  • use a plugin like Polylang.

and the sticky menu doesnt stick on mobile phones.

The stickiness is disabled on mobiles because some of them won’t support it.

I want it to scroll down on the same page… on the homepage

Please post a link to your website and explain exactly what you want. It seems that you’re just ignoring my replies :slight_smile:

im not ignoring ur replies just have much to do.
when u are on the start page i want the button to take me below the big image.

This would do it:

Customize > Header Area > Header Slider > scroll down and find the URL field for the button > add this in it: #widget_sp_image-3

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Please I need your help, I want to add a new category, each new category shoud have its own projects.

In the sydney theme there’re :

See all Landscapes Nature Science

I don’t know how to add new categories and new projects.

Thank you very much for your help.

Houssain from Morocco

[sydney-masonry posts=“10” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=""]

Hi Houssain,

Please see this video and the text below it.
In the future please open your own topic please.

Thank you very much for your prompt response and your help…trully thank you.

when i add a scrolling background image the click action button doesnt work anymore…

It doesn’t work anymore because you removed the widget the button was pointing to. Now it’s #blog_subscription-4. It’s not related to the background image.

dont understand. its still the code u gave me: #widget_sp_image-3

Yes, what I meant is that you need to use the new one :slight_smile: The old one doesn’t exist anymore because you’ve removed that widget.

and what is the one? :slight_smile:

i cant upload the image widget again

i put the widget with image back and changed the url on the call to action button but it does not work