Help with theme!

Okay so I’m very new to this theme as well as Wordpress and I am trying to figure this theme out.

^ This is what my site currently looks like (

^ THIS is how I want my site to look (without having the pages duplicated on the top and bottom) This was taken from

I have already tried the menu thing but for whatever reason it makes the ENTIRE top menu and/or main menu disappear. How do you properly do this?

Sorry this is what my site looks like Not sure why the image didn’t load

Hello there,

From Appearance > Menus, create two menus, and then from Menu Locations, assign one for Top menu, and other to Main menu, and that’s it.

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Hello dimikjones,

I followed your instructions, but when I did so this happened:

Both the top and main menus disappeared. I don’t know why this happened

Hello again,

It looks like your menu is not saving. Maybe there is some plugin conflict. Could you try to disable all your additional plugins and to try to assign menus again?

Also, if you have large number of menu items you can try to contact your host in order to increase max_input_vars to maybe 2000. You can read more about this problem here if that is the case.


Good Evening again dimikjones,

I disabled all of my plugins and still nothing. The menu still disappears.

Hello again,

Sorry for the trouble, but please try some more things, as you can see I assigned two different menus on local environment without any issues

  1. Keep plugins deactivated
  2. Activate one of default WP themes and try to save some menu. If there is a problem you will have to contact hosting because of possible server misconfigurations
  3. If menu is working on default WP theme, try to delete Fashionistas theme, and install it again, then test menu once again
  4. If problem continues, use this plugin to check PHP directives. They should be like values below:

max_execution_time = 300

memory_limit = 128M

upload_max_filesize = 64M

post_max_size = 256M

increase these values or ask your hosting service to do that for you.

  1. With mentioned plugin, also check PHP version, and switch to higher if needed. WP requirements can be seen here

Hope this will help you in solving your problem.
All the Best!

Hello again dimikjones,

I followed your instructions, and now my site isn’t loading at all. I installed the wordpress php info plugin, followed it’s instructions and now nothing is coming up. It keeps on showing this message:

Now I can’t get into my site

I fixed my login issue with Wordpress. The menus are still not loading though

Hello again,

Huh, line 171 just have to return phpinfo to user, and error is pointing that it is not an object. Since you have loaded default theme, try phpinfo on it again. You can always remove its folder over FTP client by deleting its folder from your wp install / wp-content / plugins.

You can also check php directives, and version with the aid of this article

Please report values back, when you check them.

Good Evening again,

these are the values I received for my site:

Hello again,

Everything seems fine regarding settings. But here are some additional tips which you can try:

  1. Uninstall theme, and install it again
  2. Re-install WP installation from WP admin > Dashboard > Updates and run Re-install Now
  3. From WP admin > Settings > Permalinks reset them to default and Save
  4. Increase WP memory limit to higher value by following instructions here
  5. Increase max_execution_time php directive to value higher then 30, although you should be fine with 30 (contact host in order to achieve this)

If nothing if above doesn’t work for you, then I am clueless. Theme is lightweight, and it is working fine for many users, and also on my testing environment, so only thing that is crossing my mind is that there is some server problem regarding WP installation, permissions, or some other misconfiguration. After this point you should definitely contact your host in order to check server error log, in order to check for possible problems.

Another thing which you can try is to install WP and theme on your local machine (localhost) and then to try if it is working. In this way you can test its functionality, and to see if everything is working. Below are some helpful guides:​

All the Best!

Good Evening again,

So I contacted my host site, and apparently the only browser that’s showing the menus is Google Chrome (I’m using a MacBook). It won’t appear on Firefox or Safari for whatever reason. Is there a way to fix that?

And now when I try to add things to the menu using Chrome, the menu disappears again…

Disregard that second post about it not appearing on Chrome. I got it to appear again

Hello again,

I am not using Mac, but I will be in position to test your site on Mac in a few days, and I let you know.

All the Best!