Help with Menu and Contact/Phone/Email Section

Hello please i need help with two small problems i’m having.

-I have Sydney Pro Theme Installed

-This is my url:

Problem 1: I would like to now how to make a button of a menu move you to a certain part of the page, for example when you click the “call to action button”, it moves down to a certain section, I would like to now how to make the same but with a menu button.

Problem 2: In the " Contactenos" section or contact us, I have the Facebook logo, e mail and phone number, when I see this section on a web browser on a computer it looks perfect. But when I look at it through a smartphone, the email and phone number stick together. How can put some more space between the phone number and e mail address?


  1. You can add custom links in your menu and the links would be like this: Depending on the position of the row you want to target replace 0 with the position of the row. 0 is the first one.

  2. Add this for now at the bottom of your style.css please:

@media only screen and (max-width: 460px) {
   .fp-contact {
      width: 100%;

@Vlad Thanks man! exactly what I needed, problem solved:)