Help with front page setup


Thanks for creating this beautiful theme. I really hope I can get it running on the web page I’m working on, it would be perfect.

I’ve seen several threads on this issue, but none of them managed to really help me out. I believe I’ve missed some crucial detail in the setup tutorial, despite having gone through it (with installing plugins, importing files etc) three times now. I guess that’s just a question of having background knowledge about WP that I simply lack.

I don’t get the animation going, or the parallax effect, or anything. No matter what I fill in the “customize” fields about animations, call to action buttons or whatever, it doesn’t show up on the front page. It just looks broken.

I get that for the widgets and stuff you need to use Page Builder thingy, but now I’m just interested in getting a)animation b)parallax d)CTA-buttons on the front page, working.

What did I miss? I wish I could add screenshots of my settings but sadly that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Edit: webb adress (Yes go ahead and laugh! :wink:

Best regards