Help with Columns on smaller screens,

Good morning team.

 I need the 3 columns of a restaurant menu to stay together on cell phone screens instead of stacking.  Is there CSS for that?

I would like it to look like a smaller version of the menu here (middle of page):

Here is a test page with 3 columns… it doesn’t stay side-by-side on mobile.

Thanks for your help. J

Hello Jriangle,

I have already answered you in this topic:

Please let’s continue there.

Kind Regards, Roman.

You have not answered this question. All you did was ask more questions about what was clearly stated in the post. Thank you for your response but please stop “answering” as it 100% of the time, leads to more questions that were clearly stated in question, and having you repeat back some question that can be found in your own post… and 24 hours wait, just to send the next reply. I’m sorry Roman, but look back at 100% of the posts that you have chosen to respond to from me. Then take a look at all of the posts answered by any one else at themes including Vlad and you will see why I now having to post this.

Hello Jriangle,

Okay, it looks like I understand. You can create a new topic and I won’t post there in order to let someone else to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.