Help with client widget/row

Hi, sorry I can’t include a link to my site as I’m building it off my computer and it hasn’t gone live yet.

The issue I am having is with the client widget/row…how can I make it look like the demo?

Currently the client logos are showing up perfectly, but the row is too thick and the red underline is still showing:

How to I change this? Thank you! And thank you for such an awesome theme, I’ve already given it 5 stars

Hi gracehemberg,

you can add this code to your site using custom css plugin:
hide the underline color of the title

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title:after{
  background-color: transparent;

expand the space of the row:

.roll-client .client-item {
  width: 25%;

you can increase the value of the width as you needed

Hi, thank you for getting back to me promptly,

What I am after is to decrease the width of the client row so that it looks like the demo…it looks to be a little bigger than the call to action widget?


Also, is it possible to change the font colour of each call to action widget individually? For example, I have one that I would like to use a black background for, but can I change the font to white?

Never mind the last question, figured it out. Still need help with reducing the height of the client widget. Thank you!!!

Oh I am sorry, so you want to reduce the height of the client widget images? you can add this code :

.roll-client .client-item img {
  height: 80px;

No sorry, I’m not explaining it correctly. If you refer to the google doc I attached you’ll see that the row that holds the clients logo’s is a great deal thicker than the one in the demo. I would like mine to look like the one in the demo. I.e. thinner and only the logos (no title and no underline).

Thank you.

And how do I change the font in each widget? I would like the ‘Testimonials’ title in white, but I cant figure out how to change it…only the body text. Please see below doc:

First of all, you’re taking about the Testimonials widget, not about the Clients one :wink:

To decrease the padding and thus make your row thinner go to Edit Row > Theme and you’ll see the option there.
To change the color go to the exact same place. Right now you probably changed the color from the widget styles rather than changing it from the row styles.

Hi Vlad, thanks for joining us here :smiley:

The first question is about the client’s logo, and the second on is about the testimonial’s widget.

@gracehemberg, I have see your attached google doc on your first post, so what do you want about the client’s widget?

  • increase the space between the logos
  • reduce the size of the logos
  • or make the client logo’s image thinner? I think it’s depends on your image?

I’m sorry for the confusion guys!

I wanted to reduce the thickness of the entire row on which the clients logos are, which I’ve somehow done…no idea how I did that haha. See below:



But now they aren’t centred on the vertical axis? How do I centre them?