Help me about Development

Hi! I buy Sydney Pro recently, it’s very interesting theme. Congratulation!
Buy I need some help about Development.
I’d like to create some pages identical to your demo.
For now i need a page called: Blog

Can you show me step to step (row and widget used)

Ferrari Andrea


You don’t need to use rows or widgets. See this video from step b). :

I use a clone plug-in for WP and then I clone the demo page I want, give it another name, replace all the images and data in the copy page that I have renamed (in your case “blog” and have a new page similar to the demo one but customized to the site. If you keep the original in draft or pending you can always go back to it to check the settings if you make a mistake.

I have more questions:
1)If I write an article I can post it in 2 different pages?
2)how can I create the page “leave a reply” if a customer is not yet a member?

  1. Not sure I understand this question?
  2. Again, not entirely sure I understand what you mean. To configure your comments (replies) from your admin area see Settings > Discussions.