HELP - Major Issue

I am getting very nervous as we are about to go live with this site. Everything was working fine yesterday evening. There have been no changes/ no issues. I log on this morning and I saw two issues.

1: All of my images for the header slider on the home page are missing - it’s blank.

2: When I went into the customise options, for some reason they were all removed. I tried to add images back but it wouldn’t let me do anything or register anything at all.

I then logged out / in and went back in. The images are still not appearing on the home page, but now I see the images back in the customise options.

I have a child theme so it shouldn’t be affected by any updates your end and also I paid for this and this is a HUGE HUGE issue for me!!!

Please assist as soon as you can!

Thank you

OK - So I eventually managed to remove the images (that were not showing) and replace them and now it is working.

However, it is not a good thing for a live site to suddenly experience that sort of issue so if you could please investigate?

Thanks very much!

Sorry for the delay, out of town atm.
Customizer settings are saved in your database. The theme doesnt handle the database and it has no way of removing the options you’ve set.
Usually Customizer issues are plugin related so if you still have issues you might want to disable some plugins and recheck. Things dont always happen because of themes and they dont happen by themselves :slight_smile:

OK Thanks, I will double check!