Help! all the widgets on homepage disappeared

Hi, Iwas done with my website that i work on for days and everything disappeared and there’s no option to revert last action!

I had uploaded the demo version that I tweaked, when I changed the “homepage” name to something in french, all the widgets disappeared and there’s no way on the page to revert last action. I didn’t back up my site yet and didn’t think that such a small action would have such a dramatic effect.

It’s really urgent for me to get the site running,can you help?

Thank you.

Hello there,

Translated homepage usually is a separate page that has its own widget areas. Go to Appearance > Widgets; and replicate all widgets.


Hi.Thanks. This is not what hapopended. I just tranhslated teh TITLE of the page ie I went to quick edit and change the word homepage to accueil, that’s it. Wen i go to appearance widgets, there’s absolutely nothing! everything’s gone and no way to go back to the previous option, even by calling it homepage again. i don’t get why changing the name of a page deletes all the widgets on the page, all the work gone! I guess i’ll just have to start again, maybe theere is a way that at least recover the text that wasiin those widgets?