Heads up on Sydney, SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle & Chrome

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin causes all sorts of problems with Sydney on Chrome. The parallax affect disappeared as well as some of the images. Everything seemed to still work on EI. I didn’t check Firefox.

Could you post a link to your website so I can see the issue please?

Chrome is pretty sensitive with parallax images around sliders and stuff, but we already have a version that solves this by switching to js powered parallax. The other option to solve it would be to remove the relative position from the rows, thus losing the overlays also.


Here is the site I’m working http://agileappdevelopment.com/spanish/.

The problem is caused by the google map in the footer. If I remove it, the problem goes away.

Vlad, I don’t really need the map, so I was just going to remove it and move on. I just wanted you to know about the problem.

So if it is difficult to fix the Chrome issue, don’t sweat it.



Then again, the google map is a pretty common feature, so it might make sense to fix it for the theme in general. Sydney is a great theme! Just let me know what you plan to do. Thanks.

Delete the theme and re-download it from here please. I tested and it appears to work fine.

Edit: not actually completely fixed. It doesn’t resolve the slider, only the rows. Will handle it.

Alright, it should be completely fixed now. Get it here please and re-install.