Heading on mobile

Thank you for a great theme!
I’ve made a headline on a total of three words. On the mobile version the words are distributed so that the first two words appear on the first line, and the last word on the second line. I would like to have it reversed: One word in the first line, and two words in the second line. How can I fix this? Im using text-box in page builder.


Hello Anne,

you can try to use a non-breaking space instead of a normal space between your last two words.
Write   between your two last words instead of the space. This should define that it can’t break up between the last words.

Best regards,


Thank you:-D Happy!

Oh, one more thing. How can I make the font in the heading a little bit smaler?

Make it smaller in all window sizes or just in mobile version?
Try to do it with appearence > customizer > fonts.

If there aren’t the right optiond I can write you some little css.