I am having trouble with the header. It is showing up like a shadow. It was red and now is black and does not disappear. I am considering buying the pro version, I just wanted to try this theme for a month. It was great before. I just need to fix this issue. You guy have a great product and for someone new it is easy to use. Www.commonrootscigars.com

I just checking your site and I dont see any shadow on the header. can you give me a screenshot?

It is only doing it on my tablet and phone. Something is wrong with the responsiveness. I don’t know how to send a picture on here, but would email one.

We moved the menu bar outside the slider on mobile and added a dark background for it. Nothing wrong here, we’re just making sure that the menu button is properly visible and that it doesn’t overlap with the slider text.

Feel free to upload your image on any image sharing service, maybe you’re referring to something else. Also make sure to clear your cache from your phone’s browser and recheck.

Well I don’t like it. It looks less clean. I will just try to find another theme. Thanks guys for support I will look at your other email themes.

I can’t change the color from black? I changes it in colors and the red comes up underneath and comes back periodically. The logo looks horrible with a black background.

You can add this in a custom CSS plugin to change it to that red:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1024px)
.site-header {
    background-color: rgba(221,51,51,0.9);

I am having the same problem with the Sydney Theme (free). Looks fine on computer (windows 8), but on iPad and iPhone, the header/menu background on both Safari and Chrome is black. Firefox doesn’t have an iPad app yet. Here’s the URL: http://2411tavimauscirclestgeorgeutah.com/. Try it on an iPad.

I guess we can add an option to control the background on mobiles. But note that the black background is there because we moved the menu outside. While this may not provide advantages in your cases, it does so for people who have a lot of text in the text slider.

I would like that. Other than that black header II really like this theme. I rarely ever use a full computer to surf the Internet. I understand the menu no being seen, that is why I changed my main picture to the tobacco field. After that everything was fantastic.

Thank you, Vlad. That would seem to be a good addition.

Speaking of color controls, it would also be nice to have the ability to change the color of the Page Title (I believe that this is H1). I’m sure that there is probably some way to do this in the code, but I am a non-technical person and really depend on tools that allow for easy customization. This theme was chosen for the Full Screen Slider option which is perfect for our application.

How do I add the css plugin to change the color?

@patrick you can install this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/installation/ and you’ll see this custom css menu under “appearance” menu

Hi Vlad and Awan,

Just adding my two cents. The black header that you created outside the slider is not good for people that have black logos on a transparent header menu. I think thats why a lot of us are asking how to change it.

Do you know when you will create the option to change the mobile menu to match the site? Adding the custom css is fine but I am an affiliate and recommend sydney and telling everyone individually to paste in css doesn’t seem like the optimal solution.

Is there a time frame for the update to the theme?

Thing is we cannot push updates whenever we want. Probably tomorrow we should be able to send the update.
Don’t think we’ll add an extra option though, I think the mobile menu background will just get the same background that the user sets for the regular floating menu. This way everything should be fine without the user having to change an extra color.

Great. Do you think you’ll push the update today?

Yes. Though it might take 2-3 days before it goes live as it needs to be checked by the reviewers at wp.org first.

Hi there,

I have similar issue on the site header. I am using my local WP Sydney themes for testing and I set my main page site header colour to transparent and the menu colour set to white. so it look nice with the background picture. However, when I set up the Contact Us page and because the Contact Us page is in white colour so I can not see the menu wording with this white background colour. Please kindly help on how to change only the menu colour to not white in the Contact Us page.


Hi @Kenneth,

We need to inspect your page to get the page id then use it in the custom css code. For those purpose, can you share your site URL here?