The header image used to fill the whole width of the site and connect right with the navigation. After some updates, there is now a black border around it… how can we eliminate it? I have tried under customization, adding a large image… tried adding a css plugin… which file would I have to modify to change the header to fill the space?

Also am I able to eliminate the footer part that says “proudly powered by Wordpress// theme:solon” ?

Thank you



Could you please to share your site URL here?



Thanks, Here is the CSS code to resolve your header image issue:

.site-header > .container, .site-header .site-branding, .site-header img {
    width: 100%;
    padding: 0;

and here is to hide the footer theme credit (but it will hide the scroll-up button also):

.site-footer {
    display: none;

Or for more options to manage your footer area, you can install Footer putter plugin


Thanks, I just add that to the style.css under the solon theme folder, right? I did that and nothing changed… except that the social media icons are now gone and show as F082,F081…



If you are using the latest update of wordpress, its better if you put the CSS code in above in: customize > additional CSS
Or if you still using older version of the wordpress, you’ll need to install Custom CSS plugin and put the CSS code there.

Please let me know how it works.



Ok, just realized the issue… we were using a file plugin manager and the issues lies with it…

things are fixed.

Thank you!


Ok, I thought we fully fixed it… so the header on the top and bottom is filling up the space, but there is still some black on either side of it…

any suggestions? i have tried different things with no success yet…



I just checked your site but I didn’t noticed that you implement the CSS code in above. You can follow the instruction in above, its used to remove the space on your header image.