Header Video Won't Open In Firefox

This site, http://SnapPestSolutions.com as you may see won’t show the video in the header in Firefox. I’ve tried it on two different operating systems. The header video loads in Chrome and Explorer and Safari, on both systems but not Firefox. Quicktime plugins have been set on auto activate, not sure if that should help but it doesn’t.

Hi, as I can see you are using Moesia Pro, it is just a note to other users since you are posting in free Moesia support forum.

Different browsers can’t play same types of videos so you have to convert your video and fill in fallback into field Appearance -> Customise -> Video Enter the full link for your .ogv video, you can convert your video online - http://www.online-convert.com/file-format/ogv

Also be sure to specify image too Enter the full link for the image. The image is used on touch devices instead of the video. (mobile devices wont play video at all).

Best Regards