Header Video File Size more than 8Mb

Hello Team,
I created a website with Sydney child theme. I used mp4 video in the header of the Homepage. I have not any problem with videos file size up to 8Mb but for files
more than this size, I have a trouble. I upload a video with 16Mb in the Media section of the Wordpress. Unfortunately, Sydney prevents to change this video
with current video in the “Appearance -> Header -> Header video” and show the following message:

“This video file is too large to use as a header video. Try a shorter video or optimize the compression settings and re-upload a file that is less than 8MB. Or, upload your video to YouTube and link it with the option below.”

Thanks for your help

Kourosh Narian

Hello there,

There’s nothing to do with the theme – it’s actually WordPress system limitation applied for site performance reason. Technically this limitation is defined in the core code of WordPress, which is documentation in this page. You should follow the suggested solution is to host the video file to your Youtube account and ensure it’s publicly accessible.


Dear Kharis
Thanks a lot for your reply. But I uploaded a video with file size 16Mb in Wordpress. I can not set it as a header video on the homepage.

Thanks again

Hello Kourosh,

It’s because of WordPress system doesn’t allow it. Have you tried uploading it to YouTube?