Header video does not work on mobile

Good afternoon.
By adding a video to my Home Page from my site, it does not work on mobile devices, only on desktop. How to solve?
NOTE: in Safari browser on desktop also does not work.

Wesite: lucassousa.me

Hi there,

I just tested and it seems the issue is with the video itself, because it doesn’t work even if you visit it directly: http://lucassousa.me/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/floment-looped-15324638415.mp4

So I guess the way you created the video is not compatible with iOs/Safari.


Good morning.
The video did not make any modification of the standard format. It was made from an ordinary Iphone and is in .mp4 format.


I understand but I’m not sure what to tell you. Safari doesn’t like it for some reason. That’s why I said you should visit the direct video link (which has nothing to do with the theme or even WordPress) and you can see it’s not working. I’m not a video expert so I don’t know what could be wrong with it. Sorry.


Good Morning.
Ok, thank you for the answer.
@roman or @kharisblank, can you help me?
All the videos I add on the Home Page do not work, regardless of what it is.
I would just like an orientation on how I work …


Since your video has no sound and is fairly simple, I think that you can try to convert it to .gif format, it might help in your case.

Kind Regards, Roman.