Header text question

I would like to ask if I can add on the header area also text with name and phone number Beside the Logo


Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks for answer so fast ,

please see the screen attached that can explain my request .


Okay Zvika, thank you for the screenshot.

You have RTL website, can you please provide a link to your site as well?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Here please http://www.judaica-chabad.co.il

Thanks Zvika

Zvika, thank you for the link.

I have just checked your website, but I don’t think that there is an easy way to do it.

However, you can try to use something like these plugins to add it above the header:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks for your suggestion , will check it out .

Hello Zvika, you are welcome!

Kind Regards, Roman.