Header template

Is it possible to have a template in the header that is the same size (full screen) but is only a blank so that I can beautify it with SiteOrigin Builder? The current templates of Services, Facts, Skills, etc. are too limiting for my needs. I just need a “blank canvas”.


You can remove the header slider from: Customize > header area > header type > front page header type > then choose “only menu”.

Then feel free to set your first siteorigin widget of the page as your header.


Hi Awan,

When I do this, I get a width of the template width, 1024 with a main and right side bar. What I would like is a “blank” but displaying the full width of the screen like the Astrid pieces Facts, SKills, Services, Projects, etc. How do I accomplish this? I’m assuming the Home page still has to be template “widgetized”?



Please follow this steps:

  1. Go to: Customize > Widgets > Page - Homepage
  2. Add a widget
  3. Add “Layout builder” widget
  4. Click “Open builder” > Add a row
  5. “Edit row” > “Row styles” > expand the “layout” tab > choose “Full width stretch” for the Row layout
  6. Add “Text” widget to the row (just to make sure if its working). You can change with another widgets, thought.


This worked great - Thank You So Much!!!