Header Slider Title and Subtitle font space

How can I have more space between the letters in the header slider titles
See jens-mayer.com

I want my name in wider on the first and last slide but it is not possible . No matter how much space i leave putting in my name it always shows JensMayer as one word without space inbetween.

For the subtitles i have to put in dashes in order to have a wider text but I would like to have space instead of dashes.


Hello @chaijen,

I checked your site and that text looks normal to me.

Have you already resolved this issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

First you ask for screen shot then i provide them and you still dont answer the question-

How can I configure the space between letters and words in the slider title.?

How can I add links next to the logo?

How can I add a link in the footer?

If you dont want want to answer me please just forward it to Khalid, he has helped me within minutes in the past and does not hide behind “policies”.

Hello @chaijen,

Please feel free to create a new topic if you are not satisfied with my support.

Kind Regards, Roman.