Header slider timing issue


The text and the images in the header slider become out of sync if one leaves the page, or leaves the header open in the background.

This has led to some complaint from my client, since we tried to sync the images with the text and when they are out of sync it looks a little silly. (test site: http://radium.samperisi.com/)

I think the root of the problem lies in the fact there are two sliders that are created on page load, instead of one.

Is there any way to sync these, or only call one slider at a time?



I don’t have a solution for this at the moment, other than maybe stop the text slider from sliding and slide only the images.

Has there been any progress on resolving this timing issue? We are experiencing the same issue. If you navigate to a different tab in the internet browser, and then come back, the photo slider will have moved, but the text slider has stood still, causing a mismatch between the images and the text.



I’d also like to see a fix for this issue.

Hi - I got tired of waiting and have a coded a temporary solution for my clients site if you are interested. It is not elegant, but it works and will most likely be overridden with theme updates, but I am happy to share it with anyone interested in implementing a short team fix until a proper solution is developed.