Header slider speed

site: www.brandelion.co.uk

Hello. I have found the adjustment for the header slider speed in the customise section. I would like to slow down the slide to 7 seconds, but I want the text and the picture to slide together. Currently it seems that the text and picture synchronise at 4000ms but when I bump this up to 7000ms only the picture slows down. Could you please let me know how to maintain the synchronisation?

Many thanks


Sorry, at the moment it’s not possbile, but we’ll add an option for the text slider speed too. We have it for the image slider mostly because people wanted to stop the slider so they can use it with a single image.

Thanks Vlad, is there not a way to go into the style sheets etc?

Nope, the speed (4000) is set in main.js which you’ll have to edit, then compress and add the contents into main.min.js. Give it a go if you want and I’ll help if you get stuck, though at 7 seconds for a slider will probably result in most people not seeing the second slide.

No, sounds too technical! Il wait until the update, but thank you