Header Slider Size

I am trying to decrease the size of the header slider images as they appear too large.

I have decrease my actual image size but the slider seems to upscale it. Lookingthrough teh forums I found this:

.header-slider {
    height: calc(100vh - 140px) !important;
    height: -moz-calc(100vh - 140px) !important;
    height: -webkit-calc(100vh - 140px) !important;

@media only screen and (min-width:992px) {
    .header-slider {
        height: calc(100vh - 116px) !important;
        height: -moz-calc(100vh - 116px) !important;
        height: -webkit-calc(100vh - 116px) !important;

However this doesn’t seem to do anything either.

Are you able to help?

Hello Ozzy,

You can try to disable default slider in Appearance → Customize, then add an Enhanced Text Widget into the first row, and insert a shortcode of some slider (Meta Slider, Crelly Slider, etc.) as widget content.

Please let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

Kind Regards, Roman.