Header slider picture does not stop

Hi, on my page:
https://arztpraxen-webdesign.de/ I would not
only like to stop the text: like you mentioned

    .header-slider .text-slider {
      -webkit-animation-name: unset;
      animation-name: unset;  

but also the picture, so it does not blink.

And - I would like to know, how I can give each page another header picture.

Thank you Ann Britt


I checked you main slide’s text, I didn’t see any animation on it.

Seems likely the code is correct, but you may have cache on your web browser that should be flushed.

aThemes Support

Hi, just found the solution: Just delete the numbers in the customizer: sliderspeed y voilà the picture stops.

But still I woul like to know, how I can change the header picture for single sites.
Greetings Ann Britt

Great! Glad to know you found the solution.

What did you mean by ‘single sites’? Can you elaborate it? It would be great if you can share the related links.

aThemes Support