Header Slider on mobile devices

I have two problems regarding my website on mobile devices.

First: I use a header slider for my front page. Its layout is perfect on my desktop (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-TgsmAyzaiZDI4VUtVXzVheGM/view?usp=sharing). However, on my mobile screen, half of the picture is cut off (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-TgsmAyzaiazV3cXJSaVBOenM/view?usp=sharing). Is it possible to show 100% of the picture on mobile devices, accepting it may be smaller?

Second: It’s a very similar issue. Here (http://goo.gl/nRdzUX) I use a full width stretched image. It looks perfect as desktop version. However, on my mobile device, the picture is cut in half. Is there a way to show 100% of the image on mobile devices, accepting it may become smaller?

Thank you!


The images on mobile gets cropped from left and right, the center of the image will be visible on every screen-size, so I suggest to have your subjects on the center of the image and not taking more then 300px width of the image.

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I’ve switched themes altogether and am now using Sydney. I have a number of bugs to still workout, i.e. the masonry setting and the mobile view. With regard to the mobile view, I’ve noticed that it looks appalling and most of my website traffic is on mobile devices. Everything is in a single line in the center of the home page which, by the way, looks nothing like the desk top - no images, buttons and so forth. Did I simply miss a step while changing over to this theme? When I switch to “view full site”, the appearance is fine: www.quintesscential.com