Header Slider - not showing images

Hello, for the last two days, the images in my header slider have stopped showing up. All I see is the bouncing circle icons. I’ve never had a problem before, until this weekend. Any suggestions on what could have caused this?

You can preview site in progress HERE.

It looks like that happens, anytime I try to preview a page as well. Page never loads - only shows the bouncing circle icons.

Thank you


You probably installed a new plugin which causes a script error.

Try disabling your Portfolio Gallery plugin.

That did it! You’re a genius! does that mean that I can’t use the Portfolio plug-in on my site at all? Its the one that came with the theme…? Thanks so much.

I said to disable the Portfolio Gallery plugin, not the one that was built for Sydney. It seems there is a conflict between these two.

Thank you. Works perfectly now. Is there a way to center the images in my portfolio? It looks to be left-justified.

Hi Vlad, one last question: can you tell me how I can get rid of these white bars in between my rows? They showed up a couple of weeks ago, but when I first set up my page, they were not there. Now I don’t know how to remove them. Thanks for your quick replies and patience!

Hi, portfolio is centered but you currently only have 3 items, when you add more, it will be nicely centered.

Regarding white lines, I believe that you set it to 20px from Settings > Page Builder > Row Bottom Margin. Just set value back to 0.

That’s so weird, I never went in there before but THANK YOU for helping me fix it!!! THANK YOU - i LOVE this theme!

Cool. Feel free to rate the theme if you enjoy it: https://wordpress.org/themes/sydney/