Header Slider Issue after Theme Update

The Title and Subtitle for individual slides are all showing simultaneously during the first slide. It was working OK before the update. I tried clearing cache, removing all custom CSS, etc. Thanks.


Are you able to access your site through FTP to delete a file? It’s the slider.php file that you can find in the inc folder.
The issue is with the Bistro child theme which unfortunately we cannot update because it’s a child theme and people might lose their code customizations.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am able to remove the slider.php file, but when I do the functions.php produces an error trying to connect to it.

Yes, sorry about that. Go to the functions.php file and find this line near the bottom and remove it:

require get_stylesheet_directory() . "/inc/slider.php";

OK, I got it. I had originally bypassed/deleted the Syndey slider.php file. That resulted in the same issue. When I bypass/delete the Bistro slider.php file, it works. Thank you!