Header Slider images not showing

My 5 images are not showing in the header slider just white screen behind the slider text.

I’ve have look at several posts. deactivated plugins nothing seems to correct the situation.

Please help

web page is livebettertoxicfree.org

Hello there,

I tried visiting one of your slide image, and it won’t load.


Go to your slide images settings and then re-upload them on by one.


I reloaded images in the slider menu. I replaced them with another image then I replaced them again with the same image. I published and still the same result.no images displaying on the slider.



I uploaded a new image for the first slider and it displayed it.
When I deleted the original picture and tried to upload it it wouldn’t do it. It said

beach-beautiful-content-56615.jpg exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

Looks like this is the problem. How do I change this parameter?

Well I tried to increase the media size allowable in the settings menu, but that didn’t seem to help much. I was still not able to load the images.

SO I resized the images on my drive to make them at least 50% smaller then I was able to load them into the media library without any problem.

Then I replaced the images in the slider and now it works.

I do see however that some of the images are not displaying on some of the other pages so I would like to change the change the maximum upload image size.

Thanks for you help so far.