Header Slider Glitch

I have two slides on my header slider. If you scroll about halfway down the page, refresh the page, then scroll back to the top - the second slide image does not load properly and displays half white space and half image. I noticed this glitch both on my current Sydney Pro theme as well as the free Sydney version. I appreciate any help!


Hello there,

Thank you for reporting. I would like to apologize in advance for inconvenience.

To fix the issue, could you please try to add the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin?

#slideshow .slide-item{
  background-position: 50% 0 !important;

Let me know how it goes. I’ll wait to hear back from you regarding your stats.

Warmest regards,


That appears to have corrected the problem. Thank you very much!



Dear Gleen,

I’m glad to hear that the issue has been resolved.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

Warmest regards,