Header Slider does not show alternate sub header text associated with images

There are 3 header slides on the home age. Each slide has the same main header and unique sub headers. The text in the sub header does not change even though it is correct in the customization. Have asked iPage and their response was:

I could see you are using slider revolution plugin for slides. I was unable to find home page slider, however I could see you have created many slides at http://www.robeylapan.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=revslider&view=sliders .By default the text placed on one image will be present for all the slider images. If you wish to update slider images to different text, then you have to click on each image, remove the updated text and update it to new text so that it shows different text for each images. Please contact your plugin vendor or web developer for the settings or to update the text.

Hello there,

Please check my reply on your other topic. Does it answer this as well?