Header slider disappeared

HI…I am using sydney theme. Recently i changed images in the header slider due to that the header slider disappeared. I want it right back but i saved and published. Is there any chance to get back my header slider. This is my site http://onlineshoppyjunction.com/


Looks like there is no image uploaded to the header slider. Can you upload it first and let me to check?


hi…There are three images in the header slider . But it is showing in the site. I had uploaded two images and saved but it is totally disappeared . I cannot see any slider in my page

Hi, Sorry for the late reply.
I’ve just checked your site and looks like you already resolve the issue?

yeah…I got it
Thank you…

But what was the solution/ problem?

I updated some posts and pages, didn’t touch the header, but all of the sudden the header slider is gone. Images are uploaded, as the header type is selected slider, and I can see it all in the customizing bar, but after pushing Publish, it just does not show.
The page is http://www.indrekgrigor.com/

As for now I changed the header to Image.
But the problem remains. The Header slider dissipated all of a sudden and I can’t find a way how to make it work again. Any ideas?


Can you send me the login detail to your site and let me check your site directly. You can send it through a private message

Just for history sake let it be known, that it was a java script conflict from the Lightbox plugin - disabling it solved the problem.
Thank You awan. Fantastic support.

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This just happened to our website. I tried to upload a different header and still nothing. Our website is thepromiseinspired.org

The end of January 2020, I updated a plugin and crashed our website. I started a thread and have followed it. It sounded like it had been corrected. The advice was to update the theme and then the plugin. I have avoided addressing the update until today - 2 months later. So created a backup, updated the theme, updated the plugin…and experienced the problem described above. The website didn’t “crash” but the “header” slider section just disappeared! The backup was used to restore the website. Any suggestions or solutions?

Hey Awan,
We have had the header problem for a while. The header just disappeared. our website is thepromiseinspired.org.

Please help!

Thank You!

Hi there,

Please check the theme changelog here, you need to re-configure the header slider from the Customizer.



I have the same problem. The page is footalyct.com. The site crashes after uploading it, so I needed to delete some things in ftp program (I followed the instructions I found here), and the site works again, but I lost the header slider photos which are still uploaded under “costumizing->header area->header slider”, but they aren’t shown on the site. When clicking on your link to “theme changelog” @awan, I can not really find the answer.