Header & polylang

I’m using polylang.
How can I translate the text in the header area ?
Thanks a lot.

Well… actually it happens that it’s also impossible to translate anything within the Page Builder.

Thanks for the great theme and few days of useless work.

You can translate anything from the Page Builder. The custom post types are also translatable. Just make sure that in the Polylang settings the custom fields aren’t set to synchronize.

The header text is not translatable with Polylang but it will be in the next version. Note that this integration requires some work to be done, it can’t just happen by itself.

How (where) do you translate things from the Page Builder ?

Which Settings should be used in Polylang ? I can’t manage to have /en/ for the English Front Page and /fr/ for the French one.

When the next version is coming ?

Thanks for your help.

I am also using polylang and I can’t work out how to translate the various services, clients etc. Any idea?
Thanks in advance!

Sorry, it’s now resolved!

When the next version is coming ?

Don’t know. We submitted but the queue is pretty long. You can however download it directly from the ticket if you want.

Hi all,
I seem to have the same problem as Jerome - I can’t translate anything with PageBuilder. Whenever I update thinks in one language (say english) it automatically displays that same english content in my french page. Any idea?


In the Polylang settings make sure you disable custom field synchronizations. That option doesn’t play well with the Page Builder if it’s left checked.

astronayla does polylang show you the pagbuilder elements in string translations submenu? Or how you set up translations?

Polylang is quite good with recognizing widgets if widgets are internationalized. Maybe polylang option aren’t set up properly.

Yes, thanks all! Everything’s sorted. I just had to uncheck the synchronization settings in Polylang…

Hi Vlad,

Sorry to ask the question again. Do you any idea when it’ll be possible to translate the header (text + call to action button) with polylang?

Thanks for your help and for this great theme!


It is already possbile if you’re using the latest version of the theme. If you’ve added your own text for the header then Polylang should show the strings where it already shows the site title etc.

Awesome! I wasn’t using the latest version, that’s why!
Resolved :slight_smile:

Well, for me nothing is really resolved…

danc77 : what settings do you recommend for polylang ?

Hi Jerome

I’m set at no synchronization but my translations are not exactly the same. So I use polylang for translation of footer widgets only and everything else is build in site builder, than duplicated to corespondent page in other language and manually translated.

Said this Widgets if internationalized should be visible by polylang, or there is way around making a wmpl-config.xml file which is than seen by polylang o another solution is manual adding functions to child theme function.php

I would suggest to check polylang documentation as Im not expert enough to just post custom code snipers.

In my installation no site builder widgets are shown in string translations if posted in page body.


I have a problem with the translation of the text of sliders. I reproduces the contents of the cell “Slide subtitle 1” and “Slide title 2” and “Slide title 5” and “Slide subtitle 5”. I can also use regional character, Polish letters. Then, after changing the text, nothing saves. They often do not want to change the content of posts.


Dear Vlad, thanks a lot for all your very usefull answers. I have the same problem with the translation of the header with polylang, hence two questions :

  1. Do you have an idea of the date of release of a Sydney free version including the translation of the header ?

  2. Could I achieve translation of the header with polylang in Sydney Pro theme, with a similar header layout ? (I prefer the one in Sydney theme rather than the one in the demo of Sydney Pro).

Thanks a lot for your ansmwers,

Kind regards,