Header Photo Zoomed for iPad Pro Horizontal View

Good morning. I’m having trouble with the header slider for my theme.

It is working fine on all views except iPad Pro horizontal view. With this view the image appears very zoomed in.

When on a vertical view it appears fine. It is also fine on a mobile phone and web.


Thank you for contacting us.

Can you let me know which version of Sydney Pro are you running?

I need more information since I don’t have iPad Pro device.

  • Are you running the latest OS and web browser?
  • Can you also experience the same issue with our demo site?

aThemes Support

we have the same problem. Help would be great.

On your demo page there is the same Problem.

Thank You

Big Sur 11.1

Yes it’s happening with your demo site as well.


Hi - I have just noticed the same issue on Ipad Pro. Header images is zoomed in extremely.

regards Michael

I am unable to replicate this. I am using an iPad Pro (11 inch) on Google Chrome. Can you (or someone else in this thread) please share more details? Exact device, browser, anything you are doing to trigger the zoom (e.g. going from vertical to horizontal view).

I am on a 12,9 screen, Safari, and get’s the zoomed image.