Header Photo replaced after latest Sydney Update?

I noticed that after the latest Sydney Update, my header photo was deleted and replaced with the default Sydney header photo, see link below:

Why did this happen?

And also, I cannot remember how to replace that Header photo, can someone remind me where it’s found so I can replace it again?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Sorry for inconvenience.

Does this happen site-wide or just on a certain page? Is there any URL you could share, so that I could inspect and troubleshoot it?


Kharis, I changed the background photo now, so everything looks normal again.

After last Sydney Update, for some interesting reason the background photo reverted back to default. Heard that happening to others?

It applied to all pages that loaded that background photo, in “Customize/Header Area/Header Image”.

Hello Tony,

Thank you for the followup. I haven’t heard others reported the same issue. It works fine on my test site. How did you update the theme? Did you rename the theme folder name?


I have a child theme, and just updated it through Wordpress Admin panel, normally as I always do.

It shall remain a mystery then.