Header-overlay and size changing

Hey guys !

I have 2 problems with Perth theme.

  1. I dont know how to turn off this overlay for header - there was a color and opacity 0.4, i changed to transparent and it didnt changed, so i changed also opacity to 0.1 and still no changes. (http://warszawskibarman.pl/) now it looks like this:
## Header area
.header-image {
	overflow: hidden;
.header-overlay {
	position: absolute;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
	top: 0;
.header-overlay {
	background-color: transparent;
	opacity: 0.1;

what am i doing wrong ?

  1. how to turn off header size changing - I uploader 1920x600px header buy on every screen i look i have enlarged version and because of this it is a little bit blured. how to fix size of header ? why the size changes?

thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Idk why i cannot edit second time so Im writing another post. The first point is solved - probably server has a big lag not the opacity is good but still point 2 (changing size) is not solved.