Header menu settings not saving, and reverting to default

Every time I change the settings for my header menu, it doesn’t save properly. I changed the settings to have a static menu that is centered and it won’t center anymore. I also changed the colors and the text stays white, the same size font, and the sub menu items are still red.

Also, all of my colors that I have changed have reverted back to default even though I changed and saved them in the customizer.

My website is http://biz197.inmotionhosting.com/~thewan19

I think the issue is with the Child theme. All changes are saving when I activate the parent theme and make changes with the customizer.

I think maybe there are some problems with the headers, I have similar problems since today…

Sometimes some settings you’ve done through customizer won’t instantly be synced after switching to child theme, due to WordPress system reads it as different theme. To transfer all previous settings, you can use Customizer Export/Import plugin. To export the settings you’ve done with the main theme, you need to switch back to main theme, then visit customizer panel (Appearance > Customize) to download the settings file. Then activate the child theme and visit customizer once again to import the settings file.