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Site: www.brandelion.co.uk

Hi there. I would like to remove the link in the header for “create your menu here”. How do i do that please? I don’t want any menu.


You can add this to your custom CSS:

.mainnav {
     display: none;

Thanks vlad, is that custom-header.php and then paste anywhere?

I was just about to say don’t paste it there, then I saw you broke your site :slight_smile:
Re-install the theme if you have access to the admin area.

I said custom CSS, by that I meant a custom CSS plugin or a child theme.

Vlad, i went into custom-header.php and added the code right at the bottom. It crashed the site. I have now deleted the code but i think i deleted too much and the whole site is down. Could you please let me know what i need to add after the end of the following to get my website back online again??:

endif; // sydney_admin_header_image

Hi Vlad, i can’t even get to that section, it seems the WP user interface is closed off to me. I get:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’ in /www/sites/ddb/b00/www.brandelion.co.uk/web/wp-content/themes/sydney/inc/custom-header.php on line 106

Yeah, you should have stopped and checked back here.
So you cannot log in anymore, correct? You’ll have to use FTP to find and delete Sydney, then log in and change themes, then re-install it again.

wow. there goes a week

Nope, nothing gets lost.

Just make sure you know what you’re removing from FTP.