Header / Menu issues in Desktop View

Why does the menu show over the top of the page or post title when viewed on a Desktop?
It is fine in tablet or mobile view, whether landscape or portrait.

Hello there,

Do you have a link to your site you could provide here, so I can take a look directly?


www.getabetteroutlook.com is the site. Is that what you need?

Thank you for sharing.

From Customizer, visit Header area > Menu style; and enable static menu.

Then, you may want to choose header bar background color from Customize > Colors > Header.


Thank you for your help but that didn’t change the menu from overlaying on the page or post title when it is opened on a desktop.
It is fine on mobile view but not in Desktop view.

The jpg file I sent you yesterday shows the problem. It may be the gap between menu and page needs widening. I will send another picture.

Thanks, Duncan!

This is the desktop view:

Here is the mobile view of the same page:

The desktop picture didn’t go through. Here it is:

Hello there,

Active caching on your site might prevent latest changes you applied to take effect in the browser. Because it forces web browser to only load cached version of your site’s content. You should flush the cache first from your site’s dashboard.

If you couldn’t find the flush button/link in there, you should contact your web hosting support department to help you flush it from server site. Some web browsers usually have caching system in the background and customers may not know it.


Thank you. Will check that problem and flush the cache.