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Hi all,

I am wondering is it possible that the menu header background (color) is showing all the time when using slider? Now in the beginning there is only menu logo and the texts. When you roll it the menu background (color) appears. The page: www.tool.net.ee

Thank you for your help

Mikko from Finland.

Hello Mikko,

Please try to use the following CSS code.

You can add CSS code in DashboardAppearanceCustomizeAdditional CSS (WordPress 4.7 and up). Also you can add CSS code directly to style.css file of your child theme.

#masthead {
    background-color: rgba(247,247,247,0.9);

Also you might want to use this CSS code in order to make your mobile menu button more legible:

div.btn-menu {
    color: #1e73be;

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman, what is the rgba code for color #020026 like in my web (newface.gsjabatutulis.com)


Hello Nocky,

RGBA color code is rgba(2, 0, 38, 1), but you can use rgb(2, 0, 38) if you don’t need to adjust opacity.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks a lot Roman. Do you mind if I ask one more color? Color #760091. By the way where I can see the color chart?

Regards, Nocky

Sure Nocky,

#760091 is rgb(118, 0, 145)

I used this color picker:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks Roman… it works well. I’m done here :slight_smile:


You are welcome Nocky! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.