Header menu and slider size

Hello, I want to have the menu and name of my site in the center, I marked it on pink you can see its a little bit below the center of the header

Also I want to reduce the size of the slider, i dont want it full screen.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

I also want to know if its posible to remove everything below the slider so it only shows the slider in the main page of the website

Hi there,

To centering the Site title and top menu, you can go to: customize > header area > menu style > then choose “Centered (menu and site logo)”

Then to reduce the size of header slider, please put these CSS code below using Custom CSS plugin:

.header-slider {
    height: 500px !important;

You can also to adjust the value of the height from the CSS code in above. ex: 400px or 350px or something else.

And you can use the CSS code below to hide the content and footer for the home page, so your home page will display the header slider only:

.home .page-wrap, .home .footer-widgets{
  display: none;

Let me know how it works.


I tried adding the custom CSS to reduce the slider image size, but nothing changed on my site. There is a notification saying that the plugin hasn’t been tested with the new version of Wordpress–was wondering if you have seen any problems with the plugin.



Could you please to post the URL of your site here?

and which plugin do you used? maybe you can use this https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/installation/


That is the plugin I am using

It appears the photo size was able to change, but I am still having trouble reducing the size of the whitespace on the sides of the page. I tried using a custom CSS I found in a previous thread.


Add this to reduce the blank space under home slider:

.home .page-wrap {
    padding-top: 50px;


I was actually trying to reduce the white space on the sides, so I don’t this this code will help that… I’m wondering if I need to change the number of columns of my page.


Glad to know that you can manage the white space issue and I will marking this topic as resolved.

Then for your next issue, it’s better if you create a new topic instead, so it will easier for other people to find the similar issue.