Header images without color overlay?

Hello. Great theme. But I want to see the Header images clear, in their original color (without color overlay). It is possible? Should I change code? Please, tell me how.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Sarah,

you can remove the overlay color from header by adding this css code using custom css plugin:

.header-image::after {
    background-color: transparent;

Hello Awan,

I also would like to have the overlay transparent.

I installed a custom css plugin and used the code you provided above, but
the overlay is still there.

I also tried another css plugin, deactivating the first one, and the frosted overlay is still in the header.

Could I be missing part of the code or something?

Thanks in advance, and look forward to fixing this issue.


can you post a link to your site?
or maybe by adding !important to the code can fix the issue:

.header-image::after {
    background-color: transparent !important;