Header image


I have the problem that the header image doesn’t show up when I open my page via mobile phone. On the browser everything looks fine but on phone the header is just grey. What could be the ssiue? this is my site:


Thanks in advance.

Hi, I checked it on android (chrome) header image is showing. Try different browser. Which phone are you using, iPhone, android… ?

Thank you for your response. I’m using iPhone 6 and Safari.

I tried safari on windows and image is showing. I don’t have iPhone, sorry, I’ll ask Vlad to check it.

Try to resize your image and compress it a bit. iPhones don’t show large images.

I just compressed it to 500M and it’s still not showing… Can you recommend a size please?

Resize it also please. As far as I know it’s more about the resolution. Try something like 1366x___ px which will be sufficient for most screens.

Resized it to 1277x and compressed to 500K still the same issue. weird thing :slight_smile:

Hey, you are now using slider, is it displayed correctly?