Header Image

Hi guys! First congratulations for your work, I honest loved your themes! Awesome job!!!

I am using West on a website but the header imagem has a black transparent color over the picture. I really like to get my header bright the way I did on photoshop.

Is it possible?

Sorry to bother you here, but I really looked into all setting but I didn’t find it!

Thanks again!

Hello there,

The dark overlay over the header can be removed by adding the below custom CSS code into your site’s additional CSS (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS).

  display: none;



Thank you very much Kharis!!!

You’re welcome and best wishes! :slight_smile:

Hello Guys!

I am using the same theme in another project and got the same problem (black transparente color over the header image).

But in this case, I don’t have the option like you told me before ((Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS)).

How can I change it now?

Thank you

Hello there,

The Additional CSS option is available in the WordPress core since version 4.7. Please consider to upgrade.