Header image

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Hoping someone can work there magic with the below:

When I upload an image to use for the header image at the suggested dimensions of 1920 X 1080 my image is being cropped and I’m not seeing the bottom of the image. Why might this be?
If I change the Header Background size to contain then I see the full image, but the image is no longer full width.


That’s normal, if you use an image as background image of a section, then it will crop to fit area, so some areas of the image may not show up on different screen-sizes, but if you make to contain the image you will have white space around the image, since it will not cover the section to what you have set that image as background image, so this is a normal behaviour for background images, so you have 2 choices, to cover or contain, to resize to fit only single images can do, which are not set as background-image to a section.

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Thank you very much for the detailed and swift response, it’s much appreciated.

Just a quick one, is there a bit of CSS code to make the header image appear above the navigation when on mobile view?