Header Image, unable able to change

Hello kind sir, Moderator, Kharis Sulisticyono, I am having the same issue but I cannot explain it. Please see the two sites that I have the Sydney Pro installed on below: On the
http://princesmobilecomputerrepair.com/ site the Sydney pro is installed and configured properly, that is the website to the right of the image I sent you. Changing out the images in the header was easy as a result.
Now on the website
http://www.princesphotographystudio.com/ I installed the exact same theme and set it up but under appearance there is no way showing the ability to change out the header images. Do you know why?
I did notice that there is a difference in the title of the them “Sydney Pro” and on the computer repair site is ” “Sydeny-Pro-ii” Is that the issue? Even so I installed the exact same theme from my sydney account and registered them with the corresponding websites. I even examined the file structure in my bluehost server and see no difference? Both themes are up to day. So why cannot I not change the images out on my photography website now? where is the menu to do that now?

Screen shot of both website:

Dear George,

I am wondering what will happen if you switch to the main theme on http://www.princesphotographystudio.com?

If it remains the same, try disabling the all non-required plugins (if any).


Thankyou, already done that, even to the demo theme, but nothing changes…

Hello there,

What about disabling all other non-required plugins? Some functions from particular plugin might interfere it.

If it doesn’t give any changes, please share the working login credentials to your site admin area and FTP account, so I can inspect and troubleshoot it directly.


Yes, I have already disabled plugins. I would love for you to investigate this issue, however, is there a more secure way to share my details with you?

Can you message me directly on Skype?

I look forward to your reply…

You can contact me through email, kharisblank@gmail.com.


email has been sent sir from: georgeprince68@gmail.com

Thank you. I replied it.