Header Image Slider Turned Into White, Infinitely Loading Block by Itself?

The header image slider, overnight, turned into an infinitely loading nothingness. I hadn’t logged in since yesterday afternoon when everything was functioning normally, but now the slider doesn’t work and anything I modify isn’t fixing it.

The messed up part is that I can see the rest of the site behind the white loading block when I scroll, so the website still loads, but the slider just loads nothing and blocks out the entire screen now.


I should also note that even changing it to another format of header (image, menu, etc.) doesn’t remove the loading block. I’m not sure what’s going on or how it happened on its own.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear you’ve run into trouble. The common reason of why such that issue appeared is script conflict with one of your active plugins. To troubleshoot it yourself, go to plugins administration panel and temporarily disable all active plugins except required ones like Page Builder or Elementor. Then run your test. If you get the preloader animation works fine again, you’d need to re-enable plugins one by one. And re-run your test each time a plugin enabled. This procedure will help find our of which contains conflicting script.