Header image size

Hi thanks for the theme, it’s great!
I just wonder if there is any way I can change the size of the header image in my other page except for the front page? Obviously the front page is great like how it it now. I’m not too used to the same header image and size as I click through other pages though.

Thanks for the help!!

you can enable it by creating a child theme for the first,

duplicate header.php from parent theme to your child theme then change this line :
<div class="header-image parallax">


<div class="header-image parallax" 
style="<?php echo !is_front_page()? 'height: 320px;' : '' ?>">

you can adjust the height from the code above as you needed

Thanks for the code, I think I’ll use it :slight_smile:
But I have another question: the image in my header is a bit pixelated even if I have used the suggested dimensions (1920x600px).
Is there something wrong?

Thank you very much