Header Image Size/ Position

Hi guys, I have following problem:

  1. in the desktop-version of the website (homepage) i have to scroll down to the footer. Is it possible to adjust the size/position of the Header image to not to scroll?

  2. in the mobile version (smartphone) the homepage shows a white bar under the footer. How to adjust this as well?

Thanks a lot. The website is maximshamo.com


The image is not full screen. The header just shows the full image so if your image is bigger than the viewport, you’d have to scroll.
Same thing for the mobile, the image shrinks and thus it moves the footer higher. So that white bar is just space that isn’t filled with anything.
I suggest revisiting this issue once you get some content on your homepage, it’s pointless to do code changes at this point.

Ok, Vlad, thanks a lot.
I’ll work on it and if I may, will come back to you.