Header image on shop page

Hi !
I would like to have a header image on my shop page but it doesn’t seem to work even with the options on the bottom of the page admin.

See my screenshot : http://prntscr.com/76tstt
And my test site : http://projets.4mprod.com/test/shop/

Any idea ?

It’s fixed but I don’t know how …

Sorry for triple post but I can’t edit my post.

I found the way to disable image header for all pages except front page. How can I add one only for my shop page ?


I see you managed to add a header image for your shop page?

I did. But if I want a header on my shop page, I have to have a header image on each other pages. I’d like to select on which page I want one.

Ah, I see. No, that’s not possible for Woocommerce because those pages don’t behave like regular pages. Actually, only reason you got an Edit Page button for it in the first place and were able to add your image is because you probably didn’t save your permalinks.

Thank you.